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The most stand out gold IRA company: Regal Assets

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In the past few months, all of the gold IRA companies have been duking it out in an effort to determine who is top dog. Who provides the most value for their customers and who can claim to legitimately be the best precious metals company out there.

Well, it seems that there is now a clear winner: Regal Assets. Out of all the companies out there, not one of them has managed to maintain such a standout customer satisfaction rate. It’s almost mind boggling that they have even been able to pull this off. It seems that wherever you look, there is not a single bad review of the gold IRA company anywhere.

How have they managed this?

Well according to many customers that we interviewed anonymously, the biggest thing that made them stick with Regal is the fact that they aren’t pushy in the least. In fact, they seem more interested in answering the questions that people have rather than trying to sell them as much gold and silver as possible. Being that pushy salesmen is quite probably the number one complaint that buyers have in this type of market, it’s no surprise that doing away with them would make any business stand out. It seems that Regal Assets have taken this to hear.

Their success is being rewarded

Last year, they have earned a spot in the coveted Inc magazine top 500 businesses of the year. Well, it seems that they haven’t been complacent in the least, always seeming to strive to provide the utmost in customer service. This has led to a growth rate that has all the other companies out there wondering how exactly they have managed to pull this off. Their secret it seems is no secret; place the customers needs above all else and the rest falls into place. This is a business lesson that many many companies should follow and that many could profit from.


A gold IRA is a great way to protect investments

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Most people nowadays looking to protect their capital invest in gold. They believe that it is a wise choice given the uncertainty of the current economic state. The thing about gold is that if we take a look at its history, it is clear that each and every time that the economy was on the brink of a collapse, the price of gold has risen.

buy gold bullion for iraThis makes it an incredibly safe option to protect financial resources against any economic fluctuations. In practice, many people on the verge of retiring are opting to open a gold IRA as their investment plan. They are therefore on the lookout to find the best place to buy gold, both in the form of coins and bullion. Some place the entirety of their investments in gold while others prefer to not place all their eggs in the same basket.

Precious metals are very safe options and given the safety of them as an investment type bet, it is obvious why so many people opt to go for this option. But on top that it is great for all types of investors that are maybe just looking to diversify their portfolio. Betting all one’s resources on the same asset or stock is a surefire way for disaster.

On top of that, there are many professional analysts that are predicting that the price of gold will continue to rise in the next coming years. Some are even going so far as to say that it might reach ten thousand dollars per ounce. The reality is that if the demand keeps on rising, there is no doubt that the price will continue to rise along with it.

Whatever the case, gold should never be seen as a way to make a short term pile of cash. It is a long term investment that is best used to protect capital and not so much as a way to increase it overnight.